MP CarDesigner: design the car yourself

Imagine the perfect car, configure it to your liking and view it in 3D. We'll do the rest.The car you imagine, at your fingertips wherever and whenever you want


The car you imagine,at your fingertips

A car adapted to your needs.

At MP Lifts, we want to make your life easier. That’s why we put at your fingertips the necessary tools so that you can decide the design of the car, and it adapts completely to your idea, the design of the building and the budget of the project.

The design of the car,integrated with the building

A tool with infinite possibilities.

From now on, setting up and visualizing the car you want is a very simple task. Quickly and very intuitively, you will be able to design by choosing between the different finishes and options available.

Always available

An online tool that is executable by any current web browser, from a mobile or desktop device, and optimized for use on tablets.

Now you just have to select the car range and from here, design it to your liking and your budget needs.